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Painless, Affordable Data Security for SMEs by CyberEasy

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As the information age continues to evolve and expand, data is arguably becoming the most valuable and sought-after asset in the world. It easily pushes aside more traditional treasures, such as precious natural resources and global currencies which are both limited in nature and scope.

It is thus not surprising that there are individuals in the world will stop at nothing to steal and exploit such information by compromising the systems that create, record, manage and store it.

But for all of the billions and billions of dollars that have been spent on data and network security over the past twenty-five years or so, cybercrime has only increased. Even the corona virus hasn’t slowed down the incidents of high-profile data hacks and breeches that have continually grabbed the headlines. Cyber criminals it seems can thrive under any circumstance.

So where does this leave businesses and organizations that must ensure that their data is protected? What about smaller businesses and entities that are working with limited resources? With the emergence of regulations like GDPR, small companies and even self employed professionals, need access to a capable data security and back up solution.

CyberEasy promises to be that solution. Developed by engineers at Knogin, CyberEasy redefines how, where and for whom data security happens, allowing organizations of any shape and size to regain control of their data.

Acknowledging the Limitations of Network Security

As the growing list of hacked corporations, government agencies and even high-profile tech companies testifies, cyber crime rings have made significant advancements in their “trade.” Data breeches today routinely involve sophisticated tools and methods that continue to evolve and expand.

There are a few reasons for this cyber crime renaissance:

  • The sheer volume, diversity and the speed with which data is generated, organized and analyzed creates new vulnerabilities that can be quickly exploited.
  • The number of devices and platforms that must work together has also seen explosive growth
  • Finally, as mentioned above cyber criminals have access to the same advanced technology that they can use to maximize their efforts, creating sophisticated breeches as well as smart, rapidly deployed post-compromise execution.

Up until this point, bigger companies have been turning to expensive security information and event management (SIEM) systems to protect their networks from breeches and exploitation. An SIEM system combines security information management and security event management to provide a real-time recording, organization and analysis of network security alerts.

As SIEM systems have developed and proliferated over the past few years, they have remained focused on the core goal of early detection of  data breaches and network vulnerabilities. They helped organizations identify and contain a long list of known data security threats and vulnerabilities.

But modern cyber threats are not only much more cunning, they are constantly and rapidly evolving, and legacy SIEMs have been struggled to keep up.

Some of the biggest limitations of today’s SIEM systems currently include:

  • The inability to detect unknown threats to the network
  • The inability to identify and contain threats from within the organization
  • The inability to collect and analyze in real-time the enormous amounts of data that today’s organizations generate.
  • The inability to respond the perceived threats quick enough or to initiate automatic containment.

Though SIEM providers have tried to address these issues over the past few years with a range of security and analytics add-ons, the fundamental architecture and rigid legacy systems remain, thus limiting data security capabilities against not only today’s threats, but tomorrow’s as well.

Moreover, SIEM is also not of use to smaller businesses that cannot afford the costly in-house system. Aside from the incredible amount of resources required to set up and deploy an SIEM, day-to-day challenges can easily make a a smaller company go over budget forcing them to either pay exorbitant costs or even shut down the system.

CyberEasy: The New Approach to Data Security

With CyberEasy, the engineers at Knogin have combined several advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and a collection of big data analytics tools into one robust, scalable, and incredibly intuitive cloud-based data security solution.

By operating in the cloud as opposed to relying on in-house legacy systems and outdated security architecture, it has the ability to evolve and grow alongside a business. It can thus protect against new and unknown threats, not just today, but in the future. The built-in flexibility also makes it accessible and affordable to individuals, organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

Using Intelligence Automation, CyberEasy can quickly determine which applications, people, or unusual and unauthorized activity pose a risk. It then creates alerts that are sent to a single screen in the intelligence dashboard to give users a warning as a security incident unfolds.

With CyberEASY businesses now have the ability to:

  • Quickly detect and respond to cyber threats
  • Identify new threats as they happen
  • Monitor in real-time activities within the network
  • Fulfill regulations such as those in the GDPR

Though CyberEasy represents a windfall to big corporations that waste vast amounts of resources on faulty data security systems, the platform is particularly helpful to smaller companies. The leadership at smaller companies have limited time and money to give to their data security solutions. Most can’t afford a full security team to analyze traffic and block attacks, let alone receive in-house training to do take of their most pressing IT issues. CyberEasy does all of the data security heavy-lifting so business owners can get back to doing what they do best– running their business.

Businesses can also easily download and install CyberEASY, quickly integrate it into their network, and have access to a smart, centralized tool for security monitoring and analysis within minutes.

In short, an investment in a good cyber security system means making an investment in the health and future of a business and its customers. With CyberEasy this process is, well… easy.