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Managed IT Services

Your Managed IT Support Partner.

Properly scaled and optimised Managed IT Services can make all the difference when it comes to running a successful business. When you choose WestTech as your IT partner for your Managed IT Services, you’re taking control of your future and empowering your organisation with expert IT services. The WestTech IT team of professionals work with you to deliver top-quality IT services and the peace of mind you need so you can focus on the productivity and profitability of your business.

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​Bring your business’s productivity to a whole new level with our fast, reliable, and flexible IT services.

Whether it is a simple or complex IT environment, we provide you a range of services according to your unique needs from common troubleshooting to complex problems.

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Your Dedicated IT Support

What Does This Include?

Remote IT Consultancy & Advice

We are available by phone or remote log in to resolve IT issues as they arise.

Hourly Rate

Technical Support & IT Services On Demand.


We can provide an IT Technician to work on your project from start to finish.

In House IT

We can provide a part or full time IT Support Technician to work in your office.

Day to Day Workstation | Server Support | Onsite Support

WestTech Technicians Remote Desktop Client runs on every end user system & server. It monitors systems, runs routine maintenance, provides virus/spyware protection, updates system software and allows secure remote access for quick issue resolution. Or call to site to address any IT issues.

Operating Systems

Experience with major OS versions, including Windows legacy, 7, 8.1, 10, 11 Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 Macintosh OS, and Linux.

Network Administration

Design, install and administer custom networks. We optimise internet service, configure firewall and security, setup and administer databases, install remote access and VPN solutions, and manage virtual servers.


Recommend, configure and maintain both local and hosted backup systems, a critical component of every business network.


Handle deployment and configuration of 3rd party solution providers including ISPs, phone providers, data cabling, and document management solutions.


Manage hardware and software purchases, leveraging relationships to minimise headaches.

Employee Onboarding | Offboarding & Training

Manage hardware and software purchases, leveraging relationships to minimise headaches.

Security & Compliance

Enforce organisation wide security policies and Improve auditing practices. World-class security and compliance partners.

Device & Inventory Management | Asset Listing

Automated device provisioning, roll out custom security configurations org-wide and real-time visibility into device health.

Bespoke Services

We can create tailored packages to meet your exact requirements.

Focus on your business.

We’ll focus on the IT.

Streamline your IT services with WestTech support for SMEs

WestTech are also..

  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Health & Safety Compliant
  • Include Charity & Education Discounts
  • Part of a Computers for Schools Program


Our Customers

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