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Why SaaS does NOT have your back!

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Why SaaS does NOT have your back!

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Don’t Rely on SaaS Vendors to Do Their Own Data Backup

If you are working with a SaaS vendor in your SME and don’t think that SaaS data backup is necessary, you may want to think again.

It’s no surprise that Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms like G-Suite and Office 365 are becoming more popular among SMEs. After all, these robust cloud-based solutions can support a range of business operations without requiring a significant investment in either hardware or infrastructure, and they are scalable, too.

But, there’s a common misconception among SMEs that data stored in the cloud servers of big SaaS vendors, such as Google, Microsoft, and others is backed up and secure. It’s a very big and potentially costly mistake. Just because your data is in the cloud and just because it’s being held by a well-known brand doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Here’s a case in point: a US-based startup, Musey Inc, is currently trying to sue Google over the loss of three years worth of data after a Musey employee inadvertently deleted the company’s G-Suite account.

The reality is that SaaS data backup is as important as backing up your on-site data and activity. Just think about it for a minute… much of the data your business generates, like emails and email marketing, website and social media activity, and customer service responses, is probably already happening on a third-party system. If you are using a cloud-based collaboration and document management tool, accounting platform, office suite, or CRM solution, then practically all of your vital business data is being stored in the cloud.

Without your own SaaS data backup plan, this means you are relying on SaaS vendors to do their own backup and recovery in the event of a system failure, data breach, or human error. But, there are several reasons why this is not a good idea:

· First, merely assuming that your service-level agreement with an SaaS vendor will cover data loss and recovery can be a fatal mistake. Even if data backup is technically provided, there are various levels of data backup quality. Just because the data is there, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be of much use to your business. Things like meta-data, customized application configurations, and the ability to access various restore points, are more the job of a separate SaaS data backup solution.

· All respected and well-known SaaS vendors take data security seriously. But, that doesn’t mean they are impervious to things like data breaches, malware and viruses, or employee fraud. For example, practically all of the big cloud service providers have had major data breaches in the past year alone. This includes: Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Citrix.

· SaaS data loss happens… a lot. According to one recent report, 80 percent of businesses working with SaaS providers have lost valuable and sensitive business data.

· Realize that once data has been deleted from the cloud, it is usually unrecoverable. For example, if your business uses Office 365, you only have a limited amount of time to recover any data that was accidentally deleted, and it requires that the administrator take action. If deleted files are not recovered within the waiting period, then they will be permanently deleted and thus forever lost.

Ultimately, your business is responsible for the data it generates- whether that data is being stored on-site or via a third-party cloud-based service provider. These days, data is a vital business asset, and that means you simply can’t afford to overlook SaaS data backup. You should be doing whatever it takes to give it the protection it deserves.

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